Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Internet Marketing Resource #1

Internet Marketing Resource #1

"The Blue Diamond Report - The Internet Marketing Resource For ABSOLUTE Beginners" Free Monthly Newsletter
This is my absolute, favorite resource!

Before I found (BDR), I had no idea there were so many free internet advertising resources available. Not to mention, having access to "step-by-step-by-step" training and information videos.

I'm a BDR "Gold Member," which gives me access to EVERYTHING I could ever need to market on the internet.

BDR gives me:

access to over 1,500 Free Internet Advertising Resources

access to over 500 bonuses and downloads (each, normally sold for $7 to $97)

access to hundreds of training and information videos on how to market on the net

access to "step-by-step-by-step" training videos, which is just like having 24/7 "Hands-On-Training." I've learned so much about things I never thought I could do by watching these videos!

access to as many free autoresponders as I need, when I need them

access to as many free website hosting accounts as I need, when I need them

not to mention, as a BDR "Gold Member," they built this website for me!

I don't have to know anything about building a website, programming, html, php, java, etc.

every month, BDR adds new web-pages to my website with "Profit-Generating Web-Pages" for me!

all of my web-pages are "Search Engine Optimized"

they include "Google AdSense," so I get paid from when someone clicks on an ad from any of my web-pages

they include a "Google Search Bar" at the bottom of each page, so if someone does a "Google Search, " I get paid from

they include "Sales Web-Pages" from the "Top Click-Bank Affiliate Products," all with my ID, which means I get 100% of commissions earned when someone makes a purchase from my site

they include (unless you live in NC or RI), some of the most popular products sold through

they include "Commission Junction" links from such big names as "," and more

BDR is also setting "Gold Members" up with affiliate links for other big companies like Netflix, Visa/Mastercard and more.

Not to mention helping me get my own "Blog" and "Twitter" accounts set up to promote my site, "profit-generating web-pages," and so much more!!!

As a BDR "Gold Member," I am able to take my time (24/7) to learn about almost everything that deals with marketing on the internet and driving free traffic from my site like:

Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Audio-Video Marketing (and tons of free software), Autoresponders, Banner Advertising, Blog Marketing, Bonuses & Downloads (over 500), Building My Own Website (using WYSIWYG 'What You See Is What You Get' software, which is totally free), Capture-Pages, Free Online Classified Advertising (over 300 resources), Ezine & Solo-Ad Marketing, Forum & Newsgroup Marketing, Google Ad-words, Google Ad-Sense, List-Builder Sites, Misc. Marketing and Computer Tips/Training, Opt-In Leads, Press-Release Marketing, Redirects/ShortURLs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Networks (Facebook, Myspace, Squidoo, Twitter, etc.), Traffic Exchanges, Traffic Rotators, and more!!!

I get "Online Advertising Tracking Sheets" to track when and where I place ads.

I get monthly commissions from everything BDR provides or promotes.

I get access to all of this and more as a BDR "Gold Member," for just $39.95/mo!

Here's the GREAT NEWS! If you're just getting started marketing a product, service, or opportunity online, you can get your "feet wet" by just becoming a BDR "Free Affiliate!"

You don't have to take my word for it. Just become a "BDR Free Affiliate," and you'll STILL receive BDR's Monthly Newsletter, "The Blue Diamond Report - The Internet

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