Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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John B

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John B

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're in The Fight of Our Lives

The Fight of Our Lives

By William Bennett with Seth Leibsohn

Review by John B

Why the war?

How did it start?

Have we forgotten?

Who is the enemy?

How does he think?

What does he tell us about himself?

What does he promise he will do to us?

Have we forgotten what he already has done to us?

Have our leaders lost their resolve?

Have we forgotten 9/11?

Find the answers to these and other imposing questions, in the book The Fight of Our Lives.

This book, however, was not intended to detail every mistake, error, and lapse of judgment which was made in regard to the war, which radical Islam has declared on America and the west. (And may I add, on Israel). Also, this book was not intended for a platform for criticism of President Barack Obama. There is criticism of both this and the previous administration. There is some praise for both administrations, as well.

It is of the utmost importance to know the answers to the above questions, as well as others. if the America we know and love, is to survive.

In The Fight of Our Lives, William Bennett with Seth Leibsohn examine the devolution of America's post-9/11 tenacity and how this Country's well-meaning culture of religious tolerance , coupled with soft and apologetic political leadership, has placed us squarely in the pocket of radical Islamists who have made it clear their intention is to obliterate everything we value.(from the book jacket).

This book is a MUST READ, for anyone who cares even a little about our country, and the freedom we hold dear. The Fight of Our Lives will help us re-gain our perspective. It will help us better understand the threats we face. We will discover how our leaders have weakened their stance. See how our Politically-correct ideology has crippled us. (who decides what is politically correct? And, why do we follow their dictates?) We have little ability left to accurately interpret and respond to our enemies. We must change course. We must re-engage the fight. If we don't, the results will be tragic!

Hope you find this book as interesting and informative as I did.

John B

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Final Summit Reviewed by John B

The Final Summit

By Andy Andrews

Thomas Nelson Publisher.

We rejoin david Ponder (think about it), the main character in The travelers gift. In his last adventure, he discovered the seven decisions for personal and professional success. Now, many years later, at the age of 74, he is needed now, more than ever. He ans a number of fellow “travelers” are called upon to set upon a quest to discover the one principle that will save humanity.

Alone in his luxurious apartment atop the 55 story Ponder International Building, we find David. His beautiful wife and best friend Ellen has died. Though he has everything money can buy, he is heart-broken. Nothing can can compensate for the tremendous sense of loss he feels.

While sitting at his desk Re-living the events relating to the seven treasured gifts ( each one relating to one of the seven decisions). These treasures are kept in a hand sown tobacco pouch which was a gift presented to him by Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, of the Battle of Gettysburg fame. Now, he is joined by Gabriel the Archangel, who informs him that he, David Ponder of all people, has been chosen to lead the Final Summit. The Final Summit is a gathering of fellow “Travelers”. Their quest is to discover the one principle that will save humanity. Time is running out. The “Travelers” must work quickly to find a sollution, before it's too late!

Andy has done it again! He has such a unique way of conveying an idea. He presents Life Principles in such interesting and thought-provoking ways.

I never would have read this type of book before. However, after hearing Andy speak at Family Fest (Gatlinburg Tennessee), I bought one of his books. I was hooked! I couldn't put it down!

I'm sure you are going to thoroughly enjoy this book. I strongly recommend getting his other books, as well.

Monday, April 18, 2011

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Comming soon

So far, I have mostly recommended products and services related to making money on-line.
I am soon going to occasionally recommend other good books. om other topics.  There is nothing like a great book, to stimulate thought and broaden ones horizons. 

Look for the image at the bottom, which mentions my source of some of my book reviews.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to find the hottest Niches to market to

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